The Ponce de Leon League offers the opportunity for men over the age of 30 to play baseball in a more relaxed fashion, without the need for intense competition, weekly practices or excessively expensive team uniforms.

 We recognize that due to family, business, and social obligation your time is limited. For this reason all details of league play are handled by the main office and on-field league representatives, including team schedules, rosters ,umpires and equipment.

All that is required of you is to come out  to the park and play ball !

Everyone does the best they can in an attempt to have fun and win the game. But when you leave the field for the day, you leave the game behind. No team standings, no statistics, no pressure to compare. Just the pure and simple JOY OF PLAYING BASEBALL !    THIS IS WHAT THE PONCE DE LEON LEAGUE IS ALL ABOUT


You haven't played baseball in years ? It's been softball of nothing ?

You really want to get back into playing this great game but are concerned that you will embarrass yourself ?


Hundreds of men throughout the Baltimore Washington area had similar concerns at the onset of their Ponce careers. They quickly learned that out Special Rules, including the requirement that no one can pitch unless they are at least 36 years of age, enables any person with at least average ability to play successfully in this league. They are now playing PONCE BASEBALL and LOVING IT !!!







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