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Paul LaGrave Field


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Tom's grandfather's brother is Paul LaGrave

After winning consecutive Texas League championships during 1919�1925, the club owners decided to build a new ballpark, which was named for the club's principal owner, Paul LaGrave. It turns out that the last year of the old ballpark was also the last year of the Panthers/Cats string of league titles, but the club would go on to win several more league titles in the 1930s and 1940s.

The only ballpark in America to house four dugouts. Besides the two used by the teams, there are two that were found among the rubble and weeds of the original LaGrave that were saved and renovated as dugout suites.

Professional baseball has a rich tradition in Fort Worth, where the rain check was invented in 1910 by the Panthers, a founding member of the original Texas League in 1888.






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