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  1. You MUST be age 36 to pitch. 2021 FALL, NEW AGE DIVISIONS no longer have age restriction on pitching.
  2. A continuous batting order and set lineup will be used. The bating order picks up in the next  game where it ended.(excluding playoffs only)
  3. All players must wear a helmet at bat and on bases.

  4. The last player to make and out is the pinch runner for the catcher with 2 outs and in all other pinch running situations.

  5. The offensive team's inning will end after 3 outs  or 6 runs scored, whichever comes first. This rule is waived in the 7th, 8th, and 9th innings.

  6. A pitcher MUST be removed and may not return to the game as a pitcher if he hits 3 batters during his time on the mound.
  7. A pitcher MUST be removed and may not return to the game as a pitcher if he walks or hits a combined total of 4 batters in any one inning.
  8. No pitcher may pitch more than 5 innings during any one  game. Any appearance constitutes an inning .

  9. All players will rotate defensively and never be off the field for more than one consecutive inning (unless they so desire).

  10. A runner trying to advance to a base must either slide or attempt to go around the fielder if the fielder has the ball in his possession or in the umpires judgment, is about to receive the ball. A runner colliding into a defensive player in an intentional attempt to jar the ball loose will be called out and ejected from the game. this is not a "must slide" rule but a NO COLLISION RULE.

  11. A fielder is not permitted to fake a tag on an incoming runner. The fielder must be in possession of  the ball when making a tag. Violation of this rule will result in all runners, including the batter runner, being awarded an additional base.

  12. ONLY players are permitted in the team dugout or on the bench. NO children, wives, friends, dogs, ect..

  13. Injured players coming to bat must run the bases. If a player is injured running to a base, player must either stay in the game and run the bases, or be removed for a pinch runner. If player is removed for a pinch runner due to injury, to replicate Major League Baseball and for players safety, he will no longer be able to participate in game that day or night.                             13a. Teams are now allowed to designate,   before the start of game, up to two players that will have designated runners. The designated runner  will be the previous out and replace the runner on base    

  14. If a defensive player is injured during play, he may be replaced but will not bat in his team's next offensive inning

  15. Rule Change 7/6/23 ***: During playoffs a team forfeits if it has less than 8 players. If a team has 8 players, it plays with 8 players.When a team is playing with 8 and its ninth spot in batting order comes up, that will be considered an automatic out each time that spot comes up in the batting order. 

     If a team, starts with more than 8 players, but at some point in the game ends up with 8 players due to injury or player(s) leaving early, those spots in the batting order will become an automatic out(s) when their place in the batting order comes up.

     During regular season  there are NO forfeits. Teams who have less than 9 will borrow players from opposing team for defense, Offensively the opposing team's bench bats in all vacant lineup spots.

  16. NO PLAYER MAY PLAY WITHOUT THE OFFICIAL PONCE DE LEON LEAGUE UNIFORM.(Full Team uniforms permitted at the Commissioners discretion only)
  17. A player ejected from a game will be suspended for his team's next played game. If this happens twice in a season the player will be suspended for the remainder of that season.

  18. NO Intentional walks.

  19. Wood Bats will be used at all times.

  20. All other rules if not specifically stated above will follow MLB rules and regulations.

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